In the Land of Kim/Στη Χώρα των Κιμ (the book/το βιβλίο)

I lived and worked 2 years in North Korea. The idea for this book was born while I was still living in North Korea. From the very first days that I arrived, I felt that there was a truth there that needed to be told. It isn’t easy to unlock the secrets of North Korea; from the moment you arrive in the country you realise that everything you know or have heard about it is pretty much worthless. This book was written so that I could say what I saw and what I learnt during these two years I lived the life of an expat in Pyongyang. I wanted to give the picture of the country that I had experienced, without exaggerations and in as balanced a way as possible.I would like to believe that when someone finishes reading this book, he or she will know a little more about the country than they did bef ore.
Available on Kindle edition for 6 USD and paperback for 12 USD.

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In the Land of Kim- Two years in North Korea   (Paperback)

In the Land of Kim- Two years in North Korea  (ebook)


Greek journalist Fragkiska Megaloudi and her 6-year-old son lived in North Korea for two years. The only Greek citizen known to have resided in Pyongyang is talking to Greek Reporter about the daily life in the isolated country, it’s nuclear program, as well as the regime and its leader Kim Jong Un. Fragkiska is also the author of the book “In the Land of the Kims.”

BBC- TRENDING (English/Spanish)


Lo que yo digo siempre es que no es un gulag (campo de trabajos forzosos), pero tampoco es un paraíso. Hay muchos problemas en Corea del Norte”, le cuenta a la BBC la periodista griega Fragkiska Megaloudi, quien vivió durante dos años en Pyongyang, la capital del país.

Megaloudi es la autora de un libro llamado “In the land of Kim” (en la tierra de Kim), en el que cuenta sus vivencias.

“Yo no publicaría fotos de Pyongyang todo el tiempo mostrando a la clase media. Sí, tengo algunas fotos del Sunrise Cafe y de piscinas en las que parece Nueva York, pero esa es la mitad de la historia”, señala.

“Hay otra historia. Y tenemos que documentar ambas”.


The Voice of Europe: What We Know About North Korea
In this collaboration between the Real News Network and The Press Project, Fragiska Megaloudi examines the effects of Western sanctions on North Korea and the shaping of discourse about the East Asian nation – January 25, 2016

After the recent news that N.Korea held an H-Bomb test in the beginning of January, in today’s Voice Of Europe we are joined by the journalist and analyst Fragiska Megaloudi.Being one of the few westerners to have actually lived in N.Korea, Fragiska gives us a better understanding of this “mythicaly” estranged country.


The ups and downs of working in North Korean aid.
 Since she left North Korea in March 2014, Fragkiska Megaloudi has been the exception to this rule. Having spent two years in the country working on various projects – particularly on health care issues – she’s seen first hand how North Korea is changing and what needs to improve. Now working as a journalist covering humanitarian issues, she’s been critical of the impact that sanctions have had on the country’s economy and the ability of aid organizations to do their work. She spoke with NK News about her time in the DPRK.

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