Humanitarian Journalism

As a humanitarian journalist, I  research and write features, news briefs and analysis on natural disasters, conflict, women’s health, immigration, poverty and other humanitarian issues.

I cover humanitarian crisis for specialized news agencies, such as the Humanitarian news and analysis IRIN. I worked for two years for the SE Asia IRIN bureau in Bangkok. From June 2015 to January 2016, I have been reporting from NE Nigeria.

Links to my work can be found below


IRIN Africa

Nigeria says “go home”, but is it safe from Boko Haram?

Fleeing Boko Haram: Nowhere to run nowhere to hide

Millions going hungry because of Boko Haram


Guardian Development Network

Burmese opium farmers need support to find an alternative livelihood

Haiti shows importance of dealing with dead bodies when disaster strikes


Eurasia Review

Challenges Ahead Of Burma’s First Census In 30 Years


IRIN ASIA  (Humanitarian News and analysis)

From Haiyan to Hagupit-what changed

Analysis: Abacus of dead – and why it matters for the living

Analysis: Media outlets multiply , but aid communication still missing mark

Challenges ahead of Myanmar’s first census in 30 years

Analysis: Why civil registration matters in Asia 

Analysis: What’s happening with aid to Bangladesh?

Briefing: Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis

Analysis: Why dead body management matters

Myanmar: Government rejects OIC office request for troubled Rakhine

Analysis: Do subsidies improve nutrition?

Laos: Insect farms run into trouble

Asia: More work needed to tackle stunting

Asia: Too much water lost to urban leaks

Health: Asia fails to take up rotavirus vaccine

 Health: “Gene chip technology” deployed in fight against malaria

Analysis: How to measure urban poverty

Migration: Greece- “an unsafe environment for migrants”

Migration: Reaction to Australian policy reforms

Bangladesh: Hoping to expand methadone treatment

Bangladesh: Rising death toll from “poor man’s cigarette”

Thailand: Ambivalent about needle exchange

Myanmar: Opium farmers need alternative livelihood support

Bangladesh: Demand-side financing bolsters maternal health

Asia: Patent protection clauses weaken ARV access

Bangladesh: Floods leave thousands food insecure

Myanmar: Coaxing farmers to grow tea, not opium

Bangladesh: Weighing the cost of malnutrition