Journalism ( features)

Since 2010, I have been reporting on the Greek financial crisis including the alarming increase of drug use and the rise of HIV in Greece, police brutality, privatization of public assets, the lamentable conditions of migrant workers in Greece, the rise of poverty and the collapse of the Greek middle class.

However my work is not limited to the Greek crisis. I have extensively reported on the humanitarian and political situation in DPRK (North Korea), on the peace process in Northern Uganda after the end of the LRA insurgency, on the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria and the on going humanitarian crisis as well as in development and humanitarian issues out of South East Asia.

I have been reporting (features) for Al Jazeera, Spiegel, Huffington Post UK, DEVEX, IRIN Asia, IRIN West Africa

My main publications can be found below. Links of my work for the humanitarian news agency IRIN can be found on the section Humanitarian Journalism (in this site).


The Hidden Side of Sanctions against North Korea

The Dirty Politics Behind the Syrian Conflict


The aid conundrum in Northeast Nigeria

In North Korea, people “are still malnourished but better fed”

In Pyongyang, walking a fine line between politics and aid

(exclusive analysis on the aid landscape in North Korea)


A new generation of African artists making music in Senegal

The forgotten pocket of Syria’s refugee crisis

Boko Haram survivors suffer from fear and stigma

Surviving and escaping Boko Haram’s  terror

No reprieve for Syrian Refugees stranded in Greece

Transforming the world’s most isolated nation

Greece: Politics, anarchy and a hunger striker

North Korea: Sanctions, luxury and aid

Austerity and Addiction in Athens  


Finanzkrise in Griechenland: Die verratene Mittelschicht (Financial crisis in Greece: the betrayed Middle Class)


The ‘unwanted migrants’: EU’s failed migration policies

A hand in the water is not like a hand in the fire

A General, a”nap” and an execution: How the Media report on North Korea

A foreigner in North Korea: An account of my two years living in Pyongyang

Hunger striker Kostas Sakkas: When justice is blind

When water is for sale: What water privatization really means

Crossing into the unknown: The plight of migrants in the fields of Greece

Growing police brutality in Greece: the hidden face of the crisis

Rising death in the streets of Athens: The human toll of the Greek tragedy

Gay people living in fear in Greece

NEOS KOSMOS Greek-Australian media (Melbourne)

Feature: The Betrayal of the Greek Middle Class

NK1   NK2

Greek crisis: crisis of democracy

Greek society in a state of limbo